one step... at a time... AND BEYOND(insert echo effect)

it looks like parenting isn't going to stop at me changing diapers and 430am bottles. no, that would be too easy. which leads to me removing my ass from the couch, setting aside my bar-tool and (gulp) getting a day job. the one thing i've been avoiding since age 18. i'm not exactly devistated by this just wondering where my life is headed. but not knowing is half the battle, right.

fuck that!

who wants to sit in an office and answer the phone for eight hours a day? well, i guess i do. you know, i sound a bit negative right now. i don't want to send the wrong message. i did choose to take the job. i had other options. i did turn them down. but damn, taking that first step is the hardest. how does one make the move into adulthood (at age 31) as smooth as possible? i guess you shut-up, grab your ass and run with it.

being a community player can't be all that bad.

i knew when it was time i would know it. and it's here. and i'm ready to be the best damn dad i can. day job and all.