just when you thought i was gone for good

proud of my little sports fan and thought i'd share. not quite sure with whom or why now but what the hell... enjoy. and hook'em!!!


3. everythings better in 3s. especially my daughter's age

that's right. calli turned 3 this past friday and we celebrated on saturday. i know, and i'm sorry. i should have invited all of you but we could barely fit the 44 friends, family, toddlers & strangers that arrived sans rsvp. anyway, the "green" party (and i don't mean that in the nader sense of the word) went off brilliantly.

lots of gifts---check.
lots of cake---check.
lots of green---check.
lots of overstayed welcomes---check.

nonetheless, calli loved everything and everyone.

now that she's actually "getting things" we are enjoying these times as parents that much more. we are so looking forward to all future celebratory holidays... christmas, easter & mlk's b-day.

enjoy the pics.


this is quite tragic i know, but who's counting? oh yeah... me.

it seems as though i've been reduced to nothing more than a once a month(ish) blogger with nothing of substance beyond an apology for not having anything of substance or any time to write. we all know that's a load of shit and i'm become that person who turns on the computer to check email then quickly escaping back to the couch so as not to miss any of the current episode of "i love money" or "no reservations" or whatever reality crap-show that has me hooked at the moment. when really, i should quit acting like a little bitch and go back to the reason i started this thing in the first place. my daughter. if nothing else, she deserves it! i mean, for christ's sake, she is now potty trained, going to dance class and speaking so clearly that she has become the child that anyone with an almost 3 year old would be jealous of. but how would you know any of that? it's not like i'm catching any of this on film to show the world. like any good father would. fuck, i don't even know if flickr would still recognize my login and password if i tried. so this will be my attempt to use the balls i have and step up to the plate and get this going again. at least till i hit post #100. hell, it's only 7 away. so i say to myself-- why not? and i answer-- because i'm fucking tired. tired from working two jobs, semi-raising a kid and trying to open a restaurant. it's quite tragic i know, but who's counting? oh yeah... me.

# 100... here i come!


ummm... let's see... what have i've been up to? (this one's for pg)

it's been a bit frustrating lately. i've been putting in quite a few hours and with the lack of results it has yielded, i kind of feel like this is all i've been doing...

yeah well...

thanks be to pg for the swift kick in the ass he sent my way letting me know, that i do still have a blog. albeit a very sad and dust laden blog, i do in fact have one.

so i leave you with yet another empty promise of more posts filled with incredible insights that will change life as you know it. i'm sure many of you will be holding your breath-on the edge of your seat-while wiping the beads of sweat from your brow as you wait for my next words of wisdom.

until then...


an attempt to save cyberface...

excuse the cloud. that's not smoke from your motherboard but rather the dust from my blog. anyway, i just wanted to check in with my readership of 6 and let you few know that i'm not dead or pissed off or whatever rumors are floating around about me and my lack of a blog. without my ass in a cubicle chair for 8hrs a day i have found that keeping up with anything "interwebs" other than life sustaining emails have proven practically impossible. but what kind of excuse is that right?

really though, i quit my day job to pursue a passion and i have to say it's moving along quite nicely. i have had to put my head down and just move forward while a serious busta rhymes' playmix pushes me along. i wish i could give more insight but for now all i can divulge is that jp's kicking out some killer logos and we hired the most amazing chef. i have high hopes of creating a blog to accompany this endeavor but don't hold your breath.

i just don't want the parent blog world to think i haven't been thinking about you guys or that i don't have a daughter any longer or any such nonsense. because i do and she is so 2.5 and crazy and i'm still reading you guys on the regular.

brian, i agree! apparently brian's family and ours share similar taste in eating establishments.

pg is still gettin' it done. nice work brother.

and come on, if you can get an f. scott reference in a post about your half naked boys in a sandbox you totally deserve props!

seriously, they take some of the best vacations. except THEY STILL OWE US A VISIT HERE IN AUSTIN. but really, who's keeping track?

need i say anything at about this guy and his ability to capture humor and emotion? by the way x, i think you might make a scary woman in the looks department.

and that's just to mention a few.

oh well.

life is like a box of... um... well... wet soggy potato chips. somehow the disturbing texture and off putting taste eventually becomes a craving if you eat enough of them enough days in a row.