family-- they're not so bad

long ago i decided i would leave home and start my own life. with my own family in my own town with my own family traditions. not that there was anything wrong with where i was from or how i grew up. i had a great childhood. i think the male in me wanted to explore and conquer. whatever that means.

well, 13 years later i find myself in a totally different place altogether.

as a side note, i didn't get very far. i had these grand intentions of living in the big city or in foreign land where i couldn't speak the language but somehow i landed a mere 3 hours away from where i grew up. and there you have it.

so now i live in autsin with my wife of eight years and our 1.5 year old daughter. we love it here. then my parents and my wife and i bought a duplex together about 7 months ago. this was a big step. not only buying a place but having my parents share the space as well. keep in mind this is a second home for them so they are not here all the time. still, them is some close quarters if you don't have the right relationship. luckily we do and we have enjoyed every minute of it. the question now is how long before they make the move permanently and how will that change life? i have a feeling i'll be able to answer this very soon.

all this has made me realize the utter importance of family and i'm glad i ended up so close to "home."


no more mr. nice guy

reasoning with a 17 month old is a ridiculous notion. i get the idea behind this approach to parenting but in the end you're left with a defiant little bastard bundle of joy. i'm not about to break out the paddle but a loud stern voice seems to be working.

who the hell am i kidding? nothing works on these little shits darlings! she just keeps standing in the chair and pulling out the cds and messing with the tv and... when the hell does no start to work? someone help!


dance revolution

hell yes! the moment i have been waiting for has finally arrived . calli has started dancing. it's not much yet, but she hears the music and gets that's little bounce thing going. i have been working on the one-hand-in-the-air hip hop groove and she's getting that down. but the other night, we were watching american idol and she stopped playing to watch the show and started bouncing and waving her arms in the air. it totally kicked ass. as soon as i can figure out how to get the video online i'll add it.