and the father of the year award goes to...

holy shit! me!

i can't believe this.

i want to thank you all.

the hollywood foreign press--

my lovely wife--

my daughter...

speaking of my daughter, i could not have even been considered for this award without her.

what's that? of course i'll explain.

the other day i was getting ready for work and calli was in the bathroom with me. you see, she loves going into the water closet and pulling out all my heavy reading material (because that's where magazines are kept right? at least in our house. for obvious reasons.) and flinging them about the bathroom. that day she started this new game of going in and shutting the door. then i would call out--

"where's calli?"

and she'd pop out with an ear to ear grin.

--keep in mind i'm in the shower at this point--

i watch her head in for another round except this time the door handle attempts to turn but doesn't open. so i call again and still the same. fuck... she's locked herself in there. and of course i'm in the middle of the cleaning process, soap everywhere, water closet door handle furiously shaking, damn. i did what i could to get out quickly and went to the door. sure enough it was locked. i knocked on the door and she replied--

"who is it?"

"honey, it's daddy. try to turn the lock."

as if she knew what the hell i was talking about. at this point, i envision her reaching into the toilet and drinking from her hand. because that the kind of thing that kid would probably do.

we go back and forth for a couple of minutes and get nowhere. then i think to myself try a key dumbass. of course my keys were downstairs, not that i have a key to these doors but i was willing to try anything.

"calli... i'll be right back don't touch anything."

and again the handle jiggles. i can tell she's getting frustrated. after getting my keys i try to get one in and as expected they don't fit but luckily it only took a simple turn and the door came unlocked. she busted out smiling and laughing while i stood there in a towel, dripping wet, half soaped up, panting.

i'm thinking we may need to add another room onto the house just to display all my parenting awards.

i freaking love this job.


what's the deal with toddlers and taking off clothes?

easter dinner:

honey ham--check
potato salad--check
green beans--check
naked toddler--check

--wait a minute... what the cadbury cream egg is going on here?--

i shake my head and just ask why. i don't get it but for some reason calli has hit this "nakie-nakie" stage that i'd love for her to grow out of sooner than later.

she finished her dinner and wanted to go play. we had just sat down to eat so i was happy to get her own her way so we could enjoy a nice meal among adults. after pulling her out of the chair she promptly asked me to remove her clothes. i obliged not giving one thought to where this could possibiliy go. about four minutes later she came sauntering back to the table in nothing but calli. of course the group erupted in laughter only encouraging the behavior which made it that much harder to get her still so i could get something on her. when i finally pinned her down she flipped out.

--how in the hell could i expect her to live with clothes on? here, let me claw your eyes out.--

flip out.

of course she got over it in no time but really, i don't understand why she's loves having her clothes off. and frankly, from a dad standpoint, i don't like it one bit.


throwin' up the dooce

if this doesn't get you rollin' on the floor, you deserve to be miserable.


a daughter after her own dad's heart

i saw this photo my ol'lady snapped while i was at work and an extremely strong sense of pride washed over my tired body. only a dad could find such joy in a moment like this one.

if ya gotta itch... scratch that shit.

you get it girl. daddy loves you!

apperently my o'lady was on a roll with the camera and caught this wonderful shot of calli.

i know it's hard to believe these two pics are of the same little girl but i guess one of these is a fair representation of her mother and the other her father. you decide which is which.


3285ish days (13 march 1999 --- 13 march 2008)

my adorable wife,

our life together started many years ago and what i knew at the tender age of 14 could not have been truer. i wanted nothing more than to know who you were. i have come to find that learning who you are has told me more about the person i have become; a pleasurable, unexpected outcome. in an attempt to explain how you have helped me grow and shown me life i stumble. a situation foreign to me. you know me as never being at a loss for words but expressing exactly how a person like you makes a person like me feel comes harder than i would like. none-the-less, let me try.

when i look at our daughter, the entire world makes sense. i'm not sure that i'll ever know the exact question asked to me but i do know for certain that she is the answer. i look at her, and i get it. a strong sense of completeness. a feeling only you could have helped me achieve. for that i owe you everything. the constant state of awe that little girl puts me in makes life worth living, and again without you that would have never happend. outside of you and i maintaining our relationship, she stands as our greatest accomplishment to date. my proudest moment.

peaks and valleys seem to be the theme for many relationships and ours is certainly not immune to this. however, with that said, i think the tops of our peaks supremely tower over the depths of our deepest valleys. even though we may run across low times we always bounce back and grow immeasurably from them. it's a continuous learning process and we know the importance of not trying to figure everything out at once and laughing along the way.

i recently had a conversation with a guy at work and he wanted to know the opposite of home. i told him in a word it would be lost or discomfort. after i thought about that i realized that's how i feel about you.

for me...

... you're home.

happy 9th anniversary

your loving husband


a pirate, a pirate, a pirate says...

i knew the day couldn't be too far off where calli's random comments about the casual passer-by would begin to cause me humiliation and possibly force me to defend myself physically. well... those days are here.

austin's known for great family activities and recently the park downtown hosted it's annual kite festival. lots of fun, lots of people, lots of kites and apparently... pirates.

oh yeah, it doesn't take much where-with-all to see where this ones headed.

as we made our way back to the car this nice gentleman with an unfortunate need for an eyepatch passed us and calli, without hesitation blurted--

"a pirate! a pirate!"

holy shit run!

she's really been into pirates lately. no thanks to those fucking backyardigins. her obsession is generally pretty cute. the whole singing and crouching down to belt out a great arrrrgh. but this time not so much. thank god that poor guy didn't hear her declaration. we did all we could to stifle our laughter till we separated ourselves, but damn that was so funny.


dude is a total db (douche bag for those of you not in the know)

obviously i'm a dick and have no clue about etiquette.

when someone gives you props & mad love one should show gratification for the gesture.

so here i am showing my face, which happens to look exactly like my ass, and sending mucho thanks to my boy roth over at rfa.

this guy totally rocks & quite possibily the nicest blogger on the interwebz. give him a look-see & share the love.

roth... dude... thanks!