i'm sad to say...

...but my daughter has been diagnosed with an unfortunate syndrome that mostly affects the female gender. but unfortunately i think this may have been a genetically acquired disease. from. me. damnit.

sfs -- shoe fetish syndrome

sigh. sigh. sigh.

every morning when i'm getting her dressed all i hear is "conberse. conberse."

don't get me wrong, she has compiled quite the shoe arsenal which includes multiple pairs of vans several pairs of sketchers, sandals, etc... but the chuck t's rule her world.

i recently visited a palm reader and she kept repeating --jimmy and manolo and christian and choo and blahnik and louboutin -- i kept resisting and then i noticed this...

c'est la vie...


why is he only in his undies? & why do they sag so much?

another shift in life has given me free reign to run around the house wearing only saggy undies with holes in the seams, (because i'm a cheap ass and only want to spend money here) screaming like an 8 year old girl.

i have decided to go against my better judgement and quit my day job, go back to waiting tables full time(something i swore i'd never do again) and follow my passion. more on that at a later date .

the important thing here is that in 24 hours i'll rid myself of any daytime obligations and be able to spend as much time with calli as i please. if nothing else pans out from this decision, this extra time with my daughter makes it all worth while. the more time i spend with her the better my life seems to be. so i feel it's in my best interest to increase that time in every way possible.

so i bid the day job world farewell with a swift kick in the ass and a kiss on the cheek.


...and then there were tears

as much as i would like to say that title was for dramatic effect, sadly, it wasn't.

sunday marked another milestone in the life of one young callia frances.

she moved, without fuss or fight, from her crib to a new "big girl" bed. after throwing everything she could find into the bed, she promptly settled in much to our amazement. we were certain the process would take at least a week packed with raised voices, tears and many time outs but we were completely wrong. she loves it and tries to climb in it every chance she gets.

it really magnified the fact that our "baby" girl was quickly growing into a "little" girl. i felt sad to the point of tears while overwhelming proud at the same time. such mixed emotions constantly tear my heart out, rip it apart, then put it back in my chest with a severe ache. i guess it's good that it's a muscle because with each rip it repairs itself and rebuilds even bigger and strong than before.

i've said it in the past and it still makes me want to kick my own ass but the tired cliche is so right-- they grow up way too fast. if you don't stop to recognize and enjoy the now, it'll pass you in the blink of an eye. it's so incredibly difficult but i love the way she makes me set aside what i think is life to see what life really is.


you've got to be kidding me

it seems as though the days of calli running around in the buff may be over. she now knows how to put her pants back on! all by herself!

oh wait a minute...

that's only after she has removed her diaper-gotten poop everywhere-and then put her pj shorts back on but with both legs through one leg hole so it looks like a skirt!

i suppose this was her way of showing me that i should have gotten up to get her the first time i heard her cry out. by the time i made it to her, (at 7:15am) her bed looked like the aftermath of some major ww2 battle where the only invented form of artillery was crap.

it covered her. from knees to elbows to hands to feet and everything in between. and poor winnie the pooh. it looked as though he was blind sided. there's no way that little guy stood a chance.

so we went right to the tub with the kid and right to the washer with everything in a 3mile radius of her bed.

quite the wake up call and more evidence that she, indeed, still takes her clothes off.

i just wonder if she was trying to hide the whole thing by attempting to put her shorts back on.

and to think that some day she'll be a teen. i don't know that i have the strength for that.