further evidence that my kid's in need of a major attitude adjustment

i've mentioned how calli has developed a bit of an attitude since turning two. pretty typical. seems most every kid's affected by this particular birthday. hence the disclaimer "terrible twos". well, as she continues to embrace her role in this phase, new traits pop up that make this time in her life even more fun (dripping with sarcasm) from a parental standpoint.

i heard her talking the other morning and went to get her started for the day. i knocked on her door to see what she would do and she so sweetly asked, "who is it?". i thought i was going to melt. i opened the door and smiled at her. she promptly said, "mama? mommy? mama?". how could i have expected anything else? i told her mama was at work. she stopped everything, shot me this hard stare and followed it with a slap on the side of the crib. translation --"what the hell did you just say? don't make me slap this crib again."

this has been her response to many things as of late. the stare down and then the slap of whatever is within reach. the wall, floor, a toy or if we're lucky enough to be in striking distance, one of us. the major problem with this outburst is that it's funny as hell. mainly because she 's so completely serious. it takes everything i have to not break down when i'm trying to administer some sort of discipline. but damn it's hard.

really, what does she think she's accomplishing here?