you've got to be kidding me

it seems as though the days of calli running around in the buff may be over. she now knows how to put her pants back on! all by herself!

oh wait a minute...

that's only after she has removed her diaper-gotten poop everywhere-and then put her pj shorts back on but with both legs through one leg hole so it looks like a skirt!

i suppose this was her way of showing me that i should have gotten up to get her the first time i heard her cry out. by the time i made it to her, (at 7:15am) her bed looked like the aftermath of some major ww2 battle where the only invented form of artillery was crap.

it covered her. from knees to elbows to hands to feet and everything in between. and poor winnie the pooh. it looked as though he was blind sided. there's no way that little guy stood a chance.

so we went right to the tub with the kid and right to the washer with everything in a 3mile radius of her bed.

quite the wake up call and more evidence that she, indeed, still takes her clothes off.

i just wonder if she was trying to hide the whole thing by attempting to put her shorts back on.

and to think that some day she'll be a teen. i don't know that i have the strength for that.