really... what goes on in that little head

she's just weird. she put these sandwich bags on her hands and freaked as i tried to take them off when we left. who was i to think that these were trash. so, she walked around downtown wearing them. for a long time. it was quite the site and we ended up taking them all the way home.

whether it's which wich sandwich bags on her hands or underwear on her head i swear i will do everything i can to keep her mind as far out there as it is right now.


our backyard is the shit

my two favorite times of the year are summer to fall and winter to spring. here in texas, those are the only chances we get to take part in actual seasonal change. the change may be minimal as compared to other parts of the country but we'll take what we can get. it happens to be that time of year right now , and i plan on taking full advantage of it. last year we were just moving in and didn't have much time to notice the change and how great it can be in our own backyard. i have quickly found out exactly how much i love our backyard. it's huge, the grass is thick & soft and our house provides awesome shade in the afternoon.

the other day we were in the backyard playing and calli took a moment to lay with me (we all know how few and far between these moments are with a toddler) and look for planes. it felt so good. we even got to see one fly by. it made her so excited i though she was going to pee.

she pointed up-- "airpane, airpane, airpane"

fall afternoons in the backyard rock.

calli's first rock show

if there's one thing we've learned for sure it's that calli loves music. she stops when she hears it and can't take her eyes off it when it's on tv. so when a friend told us about this children's rock show, we had to take her. damn she had a good time. it was her and two of her friends and they romped around like they were at a fugazi concert. 5 acts and 2 and a half hours worth. i've never seen her dance so much. there's no doubt in my mind the we have a joan jett in the making.


catching the small moments means everything

i think i take for granted words like "biapers" or "peepoo". you see, those are meant to be diapers and pay-paw. (that's my dad's name for calli) but i hear them everyday and forget how sweet that little voice can be and how special it should make me feel.

it's been an unexpectedly sad start to this tuesday. my wife's uncle lost his dog early this morning and my mother-in-law's boyfriend broke up with her last night. i know how much he loved that dog and i also know how long she has been looking for someone special. it made me really sad for them.

so, in an effort to find something uplifting i remembered being in bed this morning and hearing calli in her room over the monitor saying "biaper" and i smiled. it amazes me how such insignificant moments can turn around an entire morning that's gone to shit.

kids are great, especially mine.


shit, shit, shit

a good friend of ours thought it would be funny to teach calli to say "shit". naturally she said it. then repeated two more times. what a proud day as a parent. i thought it was mildly funny but my wife did not. and rightfully so. from past experiences we have every right to believe she will be quite the hell raiser and the last thing we need is her to be speaking like a sailor at two.

on a similar note, she has developed quite the vocabulary. for the most part you have to prompt her to say things although there are a few things she'll give up on her own. it just goes to show that kids --specifically toddlers-- will say what ever you want them too. well, except thank you.

another friend gave a good argument on toddler cussing and i have to say, i almost agree with her.

"i don't want my daughter walking around cussing all the time but if she knows why she is using the word and the situation calls for it i commend her on finding the proper word for emphasis."

yeah, i though it was a rather compelling argument also.