oh, the art of toilet sitting

calli came down with rotavirus a week ago last thrusday. now for those lucky souls who have no idea what this means let me "briefly" explain. diarrhea. lots and lots of diarrhea. not to be too descriptive i'll leave it at calli had to be prescribed a burn cream due to wet wipe irritation complications.

now, hillary and i managed to avoid the highly contagious condition by constatly washing and sanitizing till our hands bled. but oh... low and behold this was not enough. no no. mr. rota found his way through our cleanliness this past friday (just in time to ruin or weekend) and attacked and attacked and attacked until we could take no more. he even took out hillary's mother (and i assure you, i would not even wish this on my mother-in-law) when she came to help us care for calli so hillary could return to work. thank god it was only a 24hr thing for us. poor calli had to endure the pain for about 10 days.

it's now tuesday and i'm still breathing deeply and cautiously. if toilet sitting were an art form, we would all be on permanent dispaly at the guggenheim.