why is he only in his undies? & why do they sag so much?

another shift in life has given me free reign to run around the house wearing only saggy undies with holes in the seams, (because i'm a cheap ass and only want to spend money here) screaming like an 8 year old girl.

i have decided to go against my better judgement and quit my day job, go back to waiting tables full time(something i swore i'd never do again) and follow my passion. more on that at a later date .

the important thing here is that in 24 hours i'll rid myself of any daytime obligations and be able to spend as much time with calli as i please. if nothing else pans out from this decision, this extra time with my daughter makes it all worth while. the more time i spend with her the better my life seems to be. so i feel it's in my best interest to increase that time in every way possible.

so i bid the day job world farewell with a swift kick in the ass and a kiss on the cheek.