how do you spell meme?

so, i've seen these "meme" things all around the interwebs and i think i kind of get what they are. not really though. i just hoped no one would ever hit me up with one because i knew i'd fail miserably--fall flat on my face--looking like a total ass--in the end, watching my rank drop yet again over at cre8buzz.

so much for avoiding one of these things. my cyber-buddy piper thought enough of me to include me in her last round of tagging. i got the hit last week and have been hiding from it ever since. but i figured what the hell, i'll humor her request and complete this thing. thanks pipe.

here goes nothing. this better set my karma straight!

Name one thing you do every day:
consume copious amounts of caffeine

Name 2 things you wish you could learn:

Name 3 things that remind you of your childhood:
the smell of pillsbury orange sweet rolls
roller skating rink
the electric company

Name 4 things you love to eat but rarely do:
fruity pebbles
med rare cowboy cut rib eye
key lime pie
pasta with vodka sauce

Name 5 things/people that make you feel good:
70 degree afternoons at the park with my daughter
a glass of wine with my wife on the couch
christmas eve with family
cutting the grass
easy:the commodores

well, i guess that wasn't so bad. the bruising was minimal and i'm only slightly out of breath. if i'm not mistaken i think i'm supposed to tag a certain amount of people with the same "meme", but i'll be nice and just hit up my fellow dad-blogger in vegas, jason. keep an eye on his site to see what he has to say.