a pirate, a pirate, a pirate says...

i knew the day couldn't be too far off where calli's random comments about the casual passer-by would begin to cause me humiliation and possibly force me to defend myself physically. well... those days are here.

austin's known for great family activities and recently the park downtown hosted it's annual kite festival. lots of fun, lots of people, lots of kites and apparently... pirates.

oh yeah, it doesn't take much where-with-all to see where this ones headed.

as we made our way back to the car this nice gentleman with an unfortunate need for an eyepatch passed us and calli, without hesitation blurted--

"a pirate! a pirate!"

holy shit run!

she's really been into pirates lately. no thanks to those fucking backyardigins. her obsession is generally pretty cute. the whole singing and crouching down to belt out a great arrrrgh. but this time not so much. thank god that poor guy didn't hear her declaration. we did all we could to stifle our laughter till we separated ourselves, but damn that was so funny.