once bitten

i've been saying for sometime now the first word calli would learn from me was going to be "bitch." hard hit on the b, drawn out i, and a nice finish on the tch. and it comes across as a heavy handed question. you know, "what the hell were you thinking" should be expressed when delivered correctly. the word, if used properly can be quite versatile. she could use it to adequately express her disdain for the nurses administering the many shots received during doctor visits or perhaps to assist me when dealing with lovely a-holes on the road. either way,the effectiveness of the word is immessureable. still, no other time seems as apt as the other day.

calli recently began an arduous journey into the world of daycare. much to our chagrin we did this because we had to. the first week roled by as expected. it was in the second that all our fears came to life. the sweet little girl, whom we thought had been adjusting quite well, reached out to a peer and yanked her "binky" from her mouth. i won't get into how inapproiate i think a "binky" is after the age of one but keep in mind it's been noted. so the girl, in her shocked state, grabed calli and bit the side of her face. i mean individual teeth marks still present by the time i picked her up at 430pm. the daycare tried to reach me twice and then finally spoke with hillary to inform us of the situation. apperently they were affraid of what my reaction would be if i didn't know in advance. i'm not sure what that means, but i guess i've left some kind of impression in the past.

with all that said, i wish she had already learned "bitch." could there ever be a better time for her to put it out there?

*this post is old but i felt it had to added. i will now get off my ass and post in a more timely manner... i promise... no really... i promise. however the pic is recent and pretty cute right?


with a mug like that...

i don't really have much to say about this pic, but i couldn't resist sharing this darling face with the world. when calli sees a camera this is what she gives them. quite cute don't you think?

well, the day we've been dreading has arrived. calli starts daycare tomorrow. we're not happy about the idea but we know it has to happen. we're siked however to see how she interacts with other kids. she's been around her own friends of course, but an entire class is a whole other world for her. will she be the shy baby off by herself? will she be the fat, happy baby making everyone laugh? or (god help us) will she be the baby who pushes, slaps and pinches anyone who invade her personal space? i'm reluctant to say i think she'll be the latter but at least the other kids will know how she rolls right? i guess this is where the real parenting begins. it keeps getting harder and harder but much more worth while at the same time. having children rocks!