holy crap teeth suck! they suck bad! did i mention that teeth suck?

the first couple weren't bad. that whole milestone thing helped mask the pain and tears. now we're to the point of wanting to give her smoothies the rest of her life.

not only are the teeth pushing through, they're pushing through all at the same time. it seems nothing can make her happy.

she flails when you try to hold her. she flails when you put her down. she grabs, pinches, bites, anything to get your attention to say "hey you son-of-a-bitch i'm in pain fix it." in turn i reply, "i'm trying. ahhhh!" so we get nowhere and her teeth still hurt. what now?

i look out on the horizon and see the "terrible twos" quickly approaching.

parenthood, we do this by choice and somehow love every minute of it.