how do you spell meme?

so, i've seen these "meme" things all around the interwebs and i think i kind of get what they are. not really though. i just hoped no one would ever hit me up with one because i knew i'd fail miserably--fall flat on my face--looking like a total ass--in the end, watching my rank drop yet again over at cre8buzz.

so much for avoiding one of these things. my cyber-buddy piper thought enough of me to include me in her last round of tagging. i got the hit last week and have been hiding from it ever since. but i figured what the hell, i'll humor her request and complete this thing. thanks pipe.

here goes nothing. this better set my karma straight!

Name one thing you do every day:
consume copious amounts of caffeine

Name 2 things you wish you could learn:

Name 3 things that remind you of your childhood:
the smell of pillsbury orange sweet rolls
roller skating rink
the electric company

Name 4 things you love to eat but rarely do:
fruity pebbles
med rare cowboy cut rib eye
key lime pie
pasta with vodka sauce

Name 5 things/people that make you feel good:
70 degree afternoons at the park with my daughter
a glass of wine with my wife on the couch
christmas eve with family
cutting the grass
easy:the commodores

well, i guess that wasn't so bad. the bruising was minimal and i'm only slightly out of breath. if i'm not mistaken i think i'm supposed to tag a certain amount of people with the same "meme", but i'll be nice and just hit up my fellow dad-blogger in vegas, jason. keep an eye on his site to see what he has to say.


feelin' the love from vegas

i have been away from the computer a few days and i'm not going to lie, it's been kind of nice. we went to houston to visit family and deal with a little business and not once did i log onto any of my many online communities nor did i visit any blogs. not even my own. and let me tell you, i'm so into me that i check my blog just about every 17 seconds. oddly enough, i didn't miss it.

with all that said, i received an email from my wife this morning telling me to check out a post by this great blogger i follow out in vegas.

Jason does some awesome work with his little space in the intewebs, and each week he does a bow (blog of the week). low and behold, this past week, he featured --drum roll please-- little ol' me. when i saw this i got all warm and fuzzy and felt thankful for the many great people offering up advice, anecdotes and just plain commiseration on the joys of raising kids. i couldn't thank jason enough for trying to send people my way. if you haven't been to jaosn's site get your ass over there... yesterday.

much thanks to jason and to everyone else taking the time to let me amuse you with with all my parenting joys and follies.


seriously... i'm serious this time

it all started with a month of bed rest. when i say bed rest, i mean ass moved form bed to the toilet and back. period. "strict doctor instructions." and we both took this very seriously. she's a hell of alot stronger than i would've been in that situation.

at the time we lived in a 700sq ft apartment and she was confined to a 7x5ft space in a 15x12ft room. no way in hell you're keeping me cooped up like that for a month. everything moved so slowly and then (Fast ship? You've never heard of the Millennium Falcon?) it all hit the fan at 1am monday morning november, 21 2005 with yet, another trip the er. fyi-- pregnancy complications are a bitch and i wans't even carring the damn thing. finally after many test and zero sleep they moved us to a real room deciding to keep her around for additional testing. fast forward to dinner time same day. in walks dr. baby taker only to interrupt an enjoyable viewing of elizabeth and to let us know we were down to two options.

option 1: let them go ahead and take the baby out 8weeks early in the next 45 minutes
option 2: let them go ahead and take the baby out 8weeks early in the next 45 minutes

wife response: tears
my response: crap in drawers followed by a second round of crap in drawers

next thing i know i'm holding my 3lb 15oz daughter in between cell phone calls to friends and family. when "they" say your world gets turned upside down "they" have no idea the severity which loads that statement.

from there they transported callia to the nicu in the downtown hospital where she would live for the next month. without a doubt the toughest time in our lives. the bright side however, was meeting the mcg's. another couple with a premature daughter; giada. we bonded instantly and we've been friends ever since. amazingly enough the girls are inseparable. it's as if they were communicating from one tiny bed to the other the entire time. i have a great set of pictures of them here.

obviously when it comes to prematurity we don't mess around. that's why we feel the march of dimes is a more than worthy cause. along with the mcg's we have created the super-duo know as "nicu naughties-- being bad for the greater good". now, this isn't a ploy to get you to donate a month's salary to support these two wonderful girls and the mod mission but if you have a spare moment, hop on over to our page for a look see. they're also on myspace. and the page rocks.

so, that's our journey up till now and we wouldn't change a thing.


uuuuggghhhhhhh... can't she write something that sucks? ever?

this is why we all hate dooce and why we all know she sits at the to of the blogging heap.


austin texas: hells yeah

while clicking through my flickr page i realized i don't pimp my town nearly enough. perhaps it's a subconscious thing. i like the size of my town and if i make it known to the general parenting public, and anyone else for that matter, everyone would probably drop their current lives-run to our super-fab town-live happily ever after-causing major over crowding-thus making the town suck. then i realized how absurd that sounded and i thought why not throw up a quick photo essay of our fair city to show how great it really is.

when i think of what i like about austin in relation to parenting, the first thing that comes to mind are parks. holy shit this town is infested with parks. just about every neighborhood has at least one if not more. in my little corner of southwest austin there are three within walking distance and a few more just beyond that. now, not all the parks are flashy with crazy playscapes and water features that your kid will naturally gravitate toward and certainly require a clothing change before the drive home. but, i have found that sometimes it's nice to have place where she can run free and i don't have to constantly lurke 6 inches behind her making sure she doesn't fall off some bridge linking a sunken ship with a dragon. with that said the parks in this town kicks major ass.the following photos are of a park in our neighborhood and one of our downtown park that sits right on the colorado river.

not only are the parks boss, just bummin' round town is extremely kid friendly and also fun for the adults. downtown plays home to great coffee shops where kids are cool to hang and there's also a fun and educational children's museum. outside of down town are districts that also make it easy to have fun with kid in tow. in additon to that we have two major univertities here, the university of texas and st. edwards university, both are nice for for killing an afternoon. the first of the next two photos is from a day we spent walking around the soco district. a very hip area of south austin. many claim this as the last vestige of "old austin". a time and place when hippies still ran the town. before progression moved in with it's construction cranes and urban living spaces. the second is from an afternoon on the campus of st. edwards last spring getting photos among the bluebonnets.

austin's undoubtedly known for it's hipsters due to its live music scene. this has been the case for years and that vibe doesn't seem to be going anywhere. hence the self applied slogan "keep austin weird". and honestly i don't think anyone wants the town to lose this either. it pretty much makes austin, austin. so naturally, if hipsters have kids then there kids will too be hipsters. insert the kiddie live music scene. this aspect of the town caught us off guard. the thought of taking kids to live music shows makes perfect sense in a town like this but it never crossed our minds. that kind of thing just doesn't go on where we're from. but this part of the living here has been so much fun. the following photo of edan (from flailing my arms) and calli took place at a joe mcdermott show during acl fest(austin city limits festival). side note: music festivals are huge in this town and generally include a kid friendly stage.

i hope you've enjoyed the little tour of our town. seriously if you get a chance you should come check it out. by far one of the cooler cities in the us.

also, i'd love to hear about and see some your favorite places where you live. if you read this go back to your corner of the interwebs and post about it.


...and there you have it

*taken directly from an email sent to me this morning by my wife.

this is how you know you a parent...

I was sitting at my desk and I looked at my sleeve. There was something on it. I looked closer and realized that it was snot...


fashion sense 101

i got such a nice response to the christmas party pic i thought i'd throw this one out there to show just how fashionably in tune i really am. enjoy.