...and then there were tears

as much as i would like to say that title was for dramatic effect, sadly, it wasn't.

sunday marked another milestone in the life of one young callia frances.

she moved, without fuss or fight, from her crib to a new "big girl" bed. after throwing everything she could find into the bed, she promptly settled in much to our amazement. we were certain the process would take at least a week packed with raised voices, tears and many time outs but we were completely wrong. she loves it and tries to climb in it every chance she gets.

it really magnified the fact that our "baby" girl was quickly growing into a "little" girl. i felt sad to the point of tears while overwhelming proud at the same time. such mixed emotions constantly tear my heart out, rip it apart, then put it back in my chest with a severe ache. i guess it's good that it's a muscle because with each rip it repairs itself and rebuilds even bigger and strong than before.

i've said it in the past and it still makes me want to kick my own ass but the tired cliche is so right-- they grow up way too fast. if you don't stop to recognize and enjoy the now, it'll pass you in the blink of an eye. it's so incredibly difficult but i love the way she makes me set aside what i think is life to see what life really is.