shit, shit, shit

a good friend of ours thought it would be funny to teach calli to say "shit". naturally she said it. then repeated two more times. what a proud day as a parent. i thought it was mildly funny but my wife did not. and rightfully so. from past experiences we have every right to believe she will be quite the hell raiser and the last thing we need is her to be speaking like a sailor at two.

on a similar note, she has developed quite the vocabulary. for the most part you have to prompt her to say things although there are a few things she'll give up on her own. it just goes to show that kids --specifically toddlers-- will say what ever you want them too. well, except thank you.

another friend gave a good argument on toddler cussing and i have to say, i almost agree with her.

"i don't want my daughter walking around cussing all the time but if she knows why she is using the word and the situation calls for it i commend her on finding the proper word for emphasis."

yeah, i though it was a rather compelling argument also.