nothing better than nothing going on

i started getting anxious when i realized i hadn't posted in a while and had nothing excting to post about. sweat began to bead behind my knees and in the crack of my butt. my heart pounded. i couldn't control my breathing. i knew my life as a bloggger had finally come to an end after only 1 year.

a short conversation with myself
by struglas

"omg, i'm boring!"

"wtf, why can't i think of anything to talk about?"

"icbtihtm, (sorry-- i can't believe this is happening to me) i swear my life is fun and crazy."

"hey idiot... shut the fuck up. sit back, relax and relish the fact that nothing is going on. "

"whoa. you're right. calli's not sick. she has been sleeping through the night. both jobs are flowing nicely. she even told me she loved me as i left this morning for work. " (insert tear drop)

"my life is good."

"my life is normal."

"and doggonit, people like me."