two jobs are better than one... right?

about a year ago i decided to step away from the night time work force, join the rest of america and put my college degree to use. i got a day job. at a desk. on my ass. and as i suspected... it sucks. i will say that being home at night has been nice. i love having the extra time with calli and hillary. but, unfortunately, i made more money bar tending and worked a hell of lot less. plus, we had to put calli in daycare as a result. so financially, this move really hit the wallet pretty hard.

--insert second job--

in order to fix this "problem" i took on a second job. bleh.

i started last night and the job itself, i like --it's really easy and the money's great-- and it's in line with the "new path" i've chosen to pursue. (more on that at a later date) but the time i have to put in sucks. i leave the house at 630 am and get home around 1030pm. obviously it makes for a long day. but the two job thing is only temporary. once we get on our feet again and through the holiday season, i plan on going to nights only. this will not only pad the pockets a little better, it will also allow me days with calli again --which i miss terribly-- and give me my sanity back. at least in regards to jobs.

so for now, i'll just bite down and grin n' bare it. that's life, right?