sugar and spice and everything nice

ok, so every parent experiences those moments. you know what i'm talking about. where your kid is either saying or doing something they shouldn't but all you can do is laugh. --i.e. picking nose and eating treasures found while in public or dropping the "f-bomb" at christmas dinner for the first time.-- you turn your head and try not to let them catch you because it just encourages the behavior but it never works and they continue because your response makes them laugh and then you laugh and then...

insert our precious, well behaved and oh so polite daughter.

calli has recently studied, dissected and perfected the way in which we spit when we brush our teeth. apparently it's a very dramatic moment and has drawn enough of her attention for her to remember and reenact it. the only problem is that she doesn't keep this in the bathroom. nor does she restrict it to the normal teeth brushing times of the day or night.

she likes to walk around the house and in a moment of complete randomness, stop, bend over slightly, clear her throat with steam engine force and then actually spit. i'm talking backwoods-overall wearing-hillbilly hawking. i have to commend her on her conviction to the moment because she doesn't even budge when the loog lands right atop her foot. she simply giggles and goes right back to her conversation with whatever version of potato head she has created.

it so funny we can't control ourselves.

to watch her stop without any prompting or cause or reason and deliver such a display, makes me wonder where her little mind is.