what's the deal with toddlers and taking off clothes?

easter dinner:

honey ham--check
potato salad--check
green beans--check
naked toddler--check

--wait a minute... what the cadbury cream egg is going on here?--

i shake my head and just ask why. i don't get it but for some reason calli has hit this "nakie-nakie" stage that i'd love for her to grow out of sooner than later.

she finished her dinner and wanted to go play. we had just sat down to eat so i was happy to get her own her way so we could enjoy a nice meal among adults. after pulling her out of the chair she promptly asked me to remove her clothes. i obliged not giving one thought to where this could possibiliy go. about four minutes later she came sauntering back to the table in nothing but calli. of course the group erupted in laughter only encouraging the behavior which made it that much harder to get her still so i could get something on her. when i finally pinned her down she flipped out.

--how in the hell could i expect her to live with clothes on? here, let me claw your eyes out.--

flip out.

of course she got over it in no time but really, i don't understand why she's loves having her clothes off. and frankly, from a dad standpoint, i don't like it one bit.