come back baby

while it may be all fun and games to dress them up in heels and purses, how do you stop them from growing up so fast? even though i sound like that sappy parent complianing- my baby's growing up too fast and i so wish i could just hold her again- it's kinda true. i get a little ill when i hear these words come out of my mouth but i blink and she moves futher and further away from needing me. i do however look forward to the days where she can wipe her own butt, still, all the other things that make her a baby are quickly slipping away. i know i should look forward to all the new milestones she continuously surpasses but i really just want my little girl to fall asleep on my chest again. i guess these are the feelings that lead to baby #2.

on second thought she is pretty cute when she pinches the hell out of my face because i won't put her down.