catching the small moments means everything

i think i take for granted words like "biapers" or "peepoo". you see, those are meant to be diapers and pay-paw. (that's my dad's name for calli) but i hear them everyday and forget how sweet that little voice can be and how special it should make me feel.

it's been an unexpectedly sad start to this tuesday. my wife's uncle lost his dog early this morning and my mother-in-law's boyfriend broke up with her last night. i know how much he loved that dog and i also know how long she has been looking for someone special. it made me really sad for them.

so, in an effort to find something uplifting i remembered being in bed this morning and hearing calli in her room over the monitor saying "biaper" and i smiled. it amazes me how such insignificant moments can turn around an entire morning that's gone to shit.

kids are great, especially mine.