feelin' the love from vegas

i have been away from the computer a few days and i'm not going to lie, it's been kind of nice. we went to houston to visit family and deal with a little business and not once did i log onto any of my many online communities nor did i visit any blogs. not even my own. and let me tell you, i'm so into me that i check my blog just about every 17 seconds. oddly enough, i didn't miss it.

with all that said, i received an email from my wife this morning telling me to check out a post by this great blogger i follow out in vegas.

Jason does some awesome work with his little space in the intewebs, and each week he does a bow (blog of the week). low and behold, this past week, he featured --drum roll please-- little ol' me. when i saw this i got all warm and fuzzy and felt thankful for the many great people offering up advice, anecdotes and just plain commiseration on the joys of raising kids. i couldn't thank jason enough for trying to send people my way. if you haven't been to jaosn's site get your ass over there... yesterday.

much thanks to jason and to everyone else taking the time to let me amuse you with with all my parenting joys and follies.