blood sisters--through pinky swear

we have made jokes from day 1 about how calli and giada are bff and can't live without one another. it's been fun. given us a few laughs. but as of late it really seems to be the case. calli has started saying giada (calli pronunciation--jaaada) and every time you ask her where giada is she looks to the picture on the fridge and points. it's very cute and it makes her smile. anytime we go the mcg's house giada comes to the door screaming and smiling to see calli. calli has other friends she enjoys time with and she does go to daycare but the relationship she has with giada seems different. they really connect. i'm not sure if that's because of the time they spent together in the nicu and all they have been through as such young people but it's neat to watch. i can hardly wait to see the trouble they get into and how close the become throughout the years.


gotta raise'em right

the other day i was swiffering after calli had eaten and i noticed her watching me. i'm not sure but i sensed her judging me. it was probably nothing but i got a little miffed at the idea. so, like any father would do, i put the swiffer in her hand and made her clean up her own mess. i wasn't cracking a whip or anything just wanted to get my point across. your mess, you clean.

i have to say she did an alright job.

nicu naughties came-- nicu naughties saw-- & nicu naughties kicked...

we took part in our first march of dimes walk this past saturday. we had a great time with everyone who joined us and our team nicu naughties rasied more than $5000! we totally kick ass!

Come hang with us next year and you too can be cool.