3. everythings better in 3s. especially my daughter's age

that's right. calli turned 3 this past friday and we celebrated on saturday. i know, and i'm sorry. i should have invited all of you but we could barely fit the 44 friends, family, toddlers & strangers that arrived sans rsvp. anyway, the "green" party (and i don't mean that in the nader sense of the word) went off brilliantly.

lots of gifts---check.
lots of cake---check.
lots of green---check.
lots of overstayed welcomes---check.

nonetheless, calli loved everything and everyone.

now that she's actually "getting things" we are enjoying these times as parents that much more. we are so looking forward to all future celebratory holidays... christmas, easter & mlk's b-day.

enjoy the pics.


iVegasFamily said...

Happy Birthday Calli!!!! Looks like she had a blast. And she got a rocket too. Z-Dub would be so jealous.

Whit said...

Yea! Happy Birthday!

PG said...

it was her birthday, but we get the present! at least we know you are still alive. honestly though, good to see you in the reader this morning. carry on.

what is it with the non RSVPing? how hard is is really people?

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Oh so big and pretty!

Happy Birthday.

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