time is the devil

i was reading a post from a friend of mine on bloggingbaby.com and it got me thinking. what's in a parent? what makes parent? who are parents?

i have been spending quite a bit of time away from the home lately. between overtime at work and preparing to open a play this week, any free time has been spent taking a deep breath and figuring out what's next. somewhere in the shuffle i am married and i do have a daughter. now, i haven't forgotten this, but i would like to find more moments where i could relish these two things that make life worth living. hillary and i had our 8th wedding anniversary this past wednesday and i can't even tell you for sure if we kissed let alone any activities requiring less clothing. so, i am making a vow to maximize the time i do have with my family because we all know that i won't slow down until i'm forced.

i do feel that the time i spend with calli is worth while. she will always know who i am and that i love her. so to answer my questions, i do have what's in a parent, i am what makes up a parent, and until i die, i will always be a parent. even though i have a lot going on it won't stop me from being a part of my family and balancing a life i can be proud of.

holy crap i just reread this post and i did vomit in my mouth a little. sorry i had to bore you with feelings but whatever.

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