the makings of a girly-girl

i posted recently about the influences that surround calli. specifically my sister. well now another has surfaced. my mother. i love how calli gets so much time with her, and i know they both enjoy every moment. but through all this quality-time, calli has quickly found an affinity for putting on make-up.

i'm not quite sure how i feel about this. after all the girl is only 21 months old. i'll admit it's quite cute to watch her emulate my mother when she puts her make-up on but i don't think i want her growing up this fast. I know every parent says that same thing but i think they all truly feel it.

either way, the situation brought me back to the thought of who interacts with my daughter. i'm actually fine with my mother showing her how to apply blush it just makes me think about how hard it's going to be when the wrong people start showing up. you can never be too careful but at the sametime you don't want to smother them either. i guess the ride continues.

my wife loves the idea of her getting this exposure. she says calli will definitely need this from my mom and sister since they're way more girly-girl than she.

*on a side note i snapped the first photo and she noticed me there and began to pose for a few that followed. she loves that spotlight. a girl after her own daddy's heart.

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