it only takes 4 minutes to turn it all around

i work a lot.

a lot= one day off from both jobs and 3 days a week leave the house at 630am return around 1030-11pm. i'm pretty used to it. no big deal. it's just where we are in life right now. you gotta do what you gotta do. right? it'll all be worth it. some day. i know it. probably.

the only real problem is how much this keeps me away from the house. i see calli in the morning when i'm gathering my shit for the day and she's eating breakfast and that's it. it sucks and i feel like she notices. and really, as of late she been kind of a turd too.

it seems her entire vocabulary consists of the word no and she flings it around with such force it could be classified as a deadly weapon.

i usually come downstairs and try to talk to her about what she's eating and typically get 7 no's and then a nice whack in the face while giving her a kiss on the forehead. it sets my day up nicely and it takes all i have not to deliver a swift blow to the throat of every dumbass i encounter.

this morning, however, was different.

last night ended particularly late.

i work nights at a high-end local restaurant and we're pretty popular with the hollywood crowd. celebrities eat there on a regular basis when in town. last night we were lucky enough to have aly & aj in house with about 25 of their friends. i couldn't have pointed them out if my life were on the line but apparently they're a big deal. so this lasted a while and i finally crawled into bed just shy of midnight. 530 came a little to quickly and as the alarm hit my ear like a cathrine tramell ice pick it took all i had not to drop kick it out the window. but, as i was getting ready i heard the sweetest raspy morning voice.

tsaaaddy? tsaaaddy?

calli wanted to stop by and give me a squeeze and a kiss on her way to brush her hair. absolutely adorable.

once i made it downstairs i went to greet her and she let me hug her again and graciously accepted a peck on the cheek while smiling.

iz tsaddy. iz tsaddy.

the day was perking up. as i left the house she said good-bye, smiled and blew me a kiss.

even though i am far beyond tired--and i have to work tonight--and i have another double tomorrow--and brunch on sunday--and then monday night--and my day job week starts again on tuesday--and then... this made my day.

for the rest of my life.


Calli's Mama said...

...sweet girl. She loves her Daddy.

PG said...

sometimes I swear they just know somehow that we need a little pickmeup and they always come through. Kids are amazing creatures.

Roth Family Adventures said...

It's hit (literally) and miss with Zane too. Sometimes he acts like he loves you and other days he doesn't want to have anything to do with you. I think it's normal toddler behavior.

And wow do you work a lot. I used to do that, but luckily I've reached a point where I don't have to do that anymore. I feel you pain.

Melinda Zook said...

Adorable!!! It is good to stop and smell the roses every once in awhile.

BTW, come on over and get your award. You have an awesome blog.

Whit said...

Sadly, I know who Ally and AJ are. I couldn't tell you what they sing but I think I'd recognize them.

You need a vacation!

piper of love said...

Rest assured, the sun rises and sets because of Daddy in her eyes.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late in my commenting, but you told that story well. Very, very sweet and obviously very, very genuine.

BusyDad said...

It is amazing. How kids can fuel our lives with just a few words or a look. You are a lucky dad.