late night loneliness

my ol'lady and daughter went out of town last minute. it's just after 2am and i'm only now walking through the door. i worked tonight and then went to see james hand at the continental club. real singer/songwriters are impossible to find these days. he's a rare find and worth every tired moment i spent watching him.

i miss my daughter and wife. sleep is hard without them under my roof. i just want to be certain they're safe.

without my arms around each of them...

...i sleep restless.


Roth Family Adventures said...

I too am always conflicted when Grace and Zane are out of town. On one hand I enjoy the very rare "me" time. Other other hand, I miss them greatly. I feel your pain.

Although, I'm a little jealous at the fact that you got to go out and see live music. I miss that.

kimbescz said...

you're a softie.

and yes, james hand rocks. great dancing music. i have a cd or two of his if you want a listen.


Johnny said...

It sucks doesn't it? I am the same way when my wife and kids are not there. I just can not sleep..

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Ya big softie!

Hope they are safe and sound.

(I LOVE me some singer songwriter too, which is why I'm aiming at a stop in Austin this year)