my kid's crappy sometimes but it's cool

i struggle day in and day out wondering if my kid resembles other kids or if she's unique in her crap-headed-ness. i know theses things shouldn't matter and no two kids are the same but i know every parent thinks it. especially when your kid's being a little shit. who wants to have the bad kid? frankly, it's embarassing and evevryone sees it as a reflection of your abilities as a parent.

with that said, thank god for the latest "newsletter" from parent-blogger extraordinaire dooce. when she compared holding a young pig to holding her daughter in the midst of a fit, i smiled. i smiled from ear to ear. finally someone to commiserate with.

it's not just me. my kid is normal. well you know what i mean. i can sleep again at night ---once the canines push all the way through-- knowing i haven't totally f'd her up already. now for the next 17 years. deep breath. don't panic.

don't let her be like me. please, don't let her be like me. anything, but not like me.

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