first trip to disney a success

the depression has finally started to wear off. we've been back in town for 5 days and i don't completely hate austin any longer. i can only compare disney world to heroin. once you have that taste you can't get enough of it. not that i've actually tried herion but i assume it would be just as addicting as dianey world.

what a great trip!

calli may have been a bit young to enjoy the full experience of the place but what she did see, she loved. and we loved watching her. i had no idea she would understand as much as she did. and the fact that we had so much of my family there made the trip that much more special. not much more to say about this one so i'll let these pics (haines is the password and it's the july album)speak for themselves.

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Jonathon Morgan said...

how did i miss that you were going to disney world on this trip? i thought "out of town" meant "going to see family in houston again." holy crap, dude. sounds like an awesome trip.