they always seem sweet on the outside --the aunts

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we're a close family and when i say that i include the extended parts as well. on both side. more so on my side since the majority of my family lives in austin. so we see alot of each other. especially my sister and her "boyance". (pronounced: boy-ahn-say)

they spend quite a bit of time with calli and we love how much she enjoys her time with them. but sometimes you have to step back and take a look and the influences surrounding your child. you have to decide if they're setting the proper example and how the relationship will shape who your child will become.

i have never really thought twice about it since it is my sister. i feel i can pretty much trust her judgement. the worst she's could do would probably be exposing calli to way too much candy. or maybe dressing a little on the slutty side.

whoa! what did i just say?

that's right, dressing too slutty.

apparently my sister dresses too slutty for the women's gym chain curves. yeah, i know. why she signed up to go to there in the first place is a whole other story.

anyway, she and my mom went to workout yesterday afternoon and not even 20 minutes after leaving they were knocking at my door. so i open it and my sister had tears flying from her face and nothing intelligible coming form her mouth. i'm thinking she got in an accident, found out she's pregnant or her "boyance" has left her. oh no that would have been too easy. after she calmed down a bit i got the full story.

are you ready for this? go ahead and sit down.

okay, she got kicked out of curves for wearing shorts that were too short. no lie. and i don't mean you have to leave kicked out. i mean let me rip up your contract-here are your checks-we don't ever want to see your face around here-or-on any of the near by street corners-thank you very much-kicked out.

Of course we all couldn't stop laughing at this but it made me think. what kind of message will this send my daughter. you can dress how ever you want and get away with it? i don't think so. you can bet i'll have a close eye on my sister to make sure she won't be dragging my daughter down that "woman of the night" path she has so willing chosen.

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Jonathon Morgan said...

curves wouldn't let me in either. they can't take my beauty.

but seriously, that's so lame.