poop and sleepless nights: the two guarantees of parenthood

1am conversation between my wife, my daughter and me in our bed.

c: "water-water-water-water."
c: "water-water-water-water."
w: "calli... baby... shhhh
m: "why is she screaming?"
w: "she wants water."
m: "i'll get it."
c: "water-water-water-water."
w: "it's ok baby, daddy's getting you water."

all the way downstairs in the kitchen i hear her. again, it's 1am.


w: "shhhhhhh..."
m: "here calli. here's your water."
c: "milk-milk-milk-milk."


Calli's Mama said...

I laughed when I read this. It sounds funny.....it's not funny in the middle of the night. To be fair though.....it was only 12:30 when that started. :-)

Oh...and, she really was thirsty. She drank about half a cup of water and then half a cup of milk. Then, she insisted on going to bed with the cup in her hand like a doll
(not her mouth).

I'm tired....

kimbescz said...

Sweet little girl. Sounds like she needs a mini fridge in her room....filled with cups of milk and juice. Maybe even send her to bed with a milk koozie at night. (wink wink) Sorry for the long night....but guess what!! She is almost two and before you know it she will be sneaking out at 1230 rather than just waking up. You decide...

Calli's Mama said...

Good point, Kim!

I feel like I should mention that she wasn't drinking the milk in bed...just holding it!

giadas mommy said...

this sounds oh so familiar to me...we give milk, juice, and water at every meal! haha!