typical motherly response

after calling my wife a sap from getting so emotional over an old post she read by dooce, she sent me this response and i love it.

i know... it's like this strange weepy over-emotional person has taken over my body when i wasn't looking. i wasn't ever like this before calli came into the world. i can hardly listen to country music at all anymore... i've gone haywire.

freakin' kids man... they make you crazy.


cry it out! said...

And friggin weepy, too. Weepy like a sieve. I cried in a bookstore today -- a dad and daughter book by garrison kieler (sp?) did it. I'd settle for just crazy after that.

Nice blog - found through blogher ads.


Whit said...

not listening to country music is probably a good thing

I've become incredibly sensitive myself. It comes out of nowhere.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

you are 100% correct, we don't even have a kid yet and I've started to go all gooey.

Ive just mentioned this very same phenomenon here... http://xbox4nappyrash.blogspot.com/2007/11/mr-soft.html

co-incidence...I think not!