veteran's day '07

this day doesn't normally stand out to me. generally it comes in as a punchline to some joke about a guy like me ever being in the military. but today, since i'm stuck at work, i've thought about it a little more.

it is weird that a guy like me was ever in the military and when i do mention it to people it really throws them for a loop. especially when i tell them i served for 7 years. 4 active duty air force and 3 texas air national guard. i didn't take part in any war time situations but there were real life scares while i was stationed in kuwait.

when i look back on my time in the service i smile. i did a ton of go growing up in the military and learned quite a bit about who i am. i used to think i joined out of confusion and a willingness to shock the norm but now when i look back i think i made a much smarter decision than that. i knew i would never make it in the college world right out of high school so this was by far the best decision for a person at my age and position in life.

calli will never know me as that person but she will know of that person and i'm certain a lot of that person will shape the girl/women she will become.

so for that i salute all the men and women who have served and myself ---proudly.

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